Weight: 565 lbs.
Item No: 86756Q

The following are the available seed discs. Please inquire about seeds not listed here:

87461 #1 - Large Sunflowers
87462 #2 - Small Sunflowers
87463 #3 - Soybean, Corn, Durum Wheat
87464 #4 - Barley, Beans, Soybean, Durum Wheat
87465 #5 - Barley, Beans, Soybean, Durum Wheat
87466 #6 - Barley, Durum, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87467 #7 - Barley, Durum, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87468 #8 - Rye, Hard Red Spring Wheat
87469 #9 - Canola
87470 #10 - Canola

UTV Planter

  • Individual Planter modules, 4 modules (standard) can be expanded to 7 modules (optional)
  • Ground-driven seed metering system maintains accurate seeding rates.
  • Parallel lift linkage ensures even and consistent seed placement depth.
  • Pneumatic packer wheel ensures good seed/soil contact for optimal germination.
  • Built-in markers as standard equipment assure even row spacing.
  • Corrosion-free poly seed tanks include a sight glass and clean-out door.
  • 11 combinations of seed discs (sold separately) for almost every crop.
  • Quick & accurate Seed depth adjustment from 1 to 4.
  • 12 Volt Mini Motion package lifts and lowers the planter without you leaving the seat.




Required Components

Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

12 volt Electric/ hydraulic actuator with 10" stroke and 1800 lb force. One actuator fits all implements and can be moved from one to another easily.

Actuator: Item No: 87499 Wiring Harness & Switch: Item No: 89930A


Single Module

Additional single module consists of a tank assembly, ground driven metering system and shank assembly. The module mounts on the UTV/ATV Planter or the Quadivator Frame.

Item No: 87380Q | Weight: 85 lbs.